Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

A tradition in my family on Memorial Day weekend is to visit the graves of our family and pay our tributes. My Grandmother would get up at 6 am and cut iris and peony flowers from her garden and we would go to 2 local cemeteries and pay our respects.
Fast forward a decade and I am able to that in my locale for my wife's family unfortunately. This year we went together and visited her family graves in our city. During our drive time I remembered some of the sadness and disunity that followed the death of one of her family members. I told her she and our children deserved better than that and I would never do the same thing to our family.

Then I got to thinking, is it easier to sneer at the baggage of our in-laws and overlook the problems in our own family. Once I looked hard at my side I realized that my family has issues too. Sure I tried to filter out the bs I grew up with, and I have been successful in some areas, but still have to work on things.
Being the father of a family is tough and even more so if you want to be the best you can to your wife and kids. Not only do you have to be a historian of your wife's family, but you have to be critical of your own. Then you have to blend what was good from both sides to allow your children to have a launching pad to achieve heights you and your spouse couldn't.

I love the impact the imperfect people in my wife's family made on her. I hope she can see through the craziness of my family and see how it impacted me in a positive way as well.

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