Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Having an Affair With my Wife

My job has been hell since the beginning of the year. My wife joined a new gym and started going 4 times a week a month ago. Now she looks stunning so and is confident in a way I have never seen before. So this week I agreed to go with her on a guest pass. I even moved an obligation so I could go with her last night. I should backtrack and say she has tried to get me to go since she joined but now that work is back to normal I decided to go.

Now that I have met her where she is and see that we need something to keep us together as our kids get older its like we are dating again. We are talking and sharing things with each  other we normally wouldn't. We have reached a new level of intimacy in and out of the bedroom that I could only dream of.

I fixed a steak dinner for the kids out of guilt before we left for the gym tonight. Almost a smokescreen as my wife planned for us to eat at the restaurant there after our workout. We had a great time working out and spending time together. Its like our relationship is new again and we have found each other again as we have changed.

I used to work out with a good friend several years ago until he moved away. I just quit going because I hated going by myself. Who knew the solution was in bed next to me every night since then.  Oh well better too late than never.

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