Sunday, March 31, 2013


The divorce rate is sky high in America and sometimes a passing thought creeps in that my marriage could fail. The fear dissipates when I investigate things further and talk to people who get divorced.
Many people get married as a compromise or an obligation. It seems like the fakery and lack of depth I see in friendships bleeds over to dating and marriage. I remember times of being afraid to share with my wife what I really felt because I thought  it would cause conflict. Now that I am more open, I feel as if out level of intimacy is higher now than ever before. I found out that we were on the same page but suffering in silence independently.
People want to look for an easy answer to make their life better but that is impossible.  Pursue what makes you uncomfortable and break down the walls that isolate you from others. Live in the moment and don't expect anything from time you spend with others. It is amazing how much we isolate ourselves when we are selfish. Dare I say that the more we want something and try for it the more elusive it becomes.
I am thankful for my wife and her willingness to grow with me and get to know me again as we grow and change. It is rare to find someone like that and she encourages me to be a better man. The person we love should bring up the entire range of emotions including love, frustration, hurt, passion, warmth and anger to name a few. If they don't ring every bell of your being then your marriage is doomed to fail.

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