Monday, January 14, 2013

Visiting a Divorced Friend

We have a couple that we were friends with for several years that recently got divorced. During this time, we fell out of contact with both parties and recently we were contacted by the wife to get together. My hope was she was settling down after her post divorce partying phase and she was working on herself and the reasons why her marriage failed that she owned.

Well I was way off. This person was totally lost and has progressed to a much worse place than she was after the divorce. She went back to a guy who she dated 15 years ago that hasnt matured one iota since then. She has quit eating or started using some substances and lost 30+ pounds. This new old guy is the type that sneaks over when it is convenient for him to get a piece and wont commit to her. He is also involved in questionable photography jobs and setting up people to have their computers pirate tv shows for 150 bucks per.

Once again she has repeated the pattern of picking a man for a relationship that is unavailable and is probably getting money from the guy for services rendered. In a way she has sold her soul to the devil and is trapped again. I am not sure what to say or anything I can do to help. It is sad that a mother of 3 daughters is showing them that she is not worthy of a relationship with a real man that will take care of her. Friendships are not easy and the only thing I can do is offer advice and be there for her when this relationship fails.

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